Who are we?

Who we are:


A very active Friends group was formed in 1993. 

Currently there are more than 180 members of our Friends group.

The Friends of the Library is governed by a board of officers and directors.  This board meets quarterly in February, May, August and November.  The public is welcome to attend these meetings.

What we do:

Our purpose is twofold; to serve as the Library’s ambassadors to the community and conduct Library fundraisers. 

As ambassadors, the Friends host two annual events:  a  reception for all Jefferson-Scranton teachers in August, and a “Friend of the Year” reception in the fall to honor a person who has contributed many volunteer hours to the Library. 

Annual fundraisers are also held:  a membership drive is held in the fall, and used book sales in the library basement in the spring, and fall.  Each dollar raised goes back to the Library to help purchase items or support programs over and above the Library’s annual operating budget.