Books for Babies

Books for Babies



During the first six months of life, a baby is primarily concerned with adapting to her new environment.  Much of her time is spent sleeping.  She likes soothing, gentle sounds; enjoys being held and rocked; explores the world with eyes, ears, hands, feet, and mouth; cries to express feelings of discomfort; plays with sounds-babbles, coos, gurgles, and squeals; and begins to show preference for certain people, objects, and events.

    This is the time when a child needs to hear the comforting voice of a parent.  By reading to an infant you are not only enjoying that special bonding time, but also, encouraging a child to experiment with sounds and aiding in that infant’s development.

    Parents who read to their children not only become regular library users themselves, but help their children to make reading a lifelong activity.  Studies have shown that reading and library use are key factors in a child’s early intellectual development and that those who read as children are more likely to enjoy the success and pleasure that come from making reading a lifelong activity.

            Books for Babies is a literacy program that acquaints parents of newborns with the important role they play in the development of their children.  By reading to their babies and by becoming regular library users themselves, parents help their babies develop language skills and start them on the path to success in reading and learning.  One of the best gifts you can give your child is a love of reading!

    We are all busy going fifteen different directions all the time.  This is a special time in a child’s life, a time to slow down and spend with our babies.  If you have a new infant, be sure to visit the library to share the joy of reading with your child.

            Books for Babies is a cooperative program, sponsored by the Jefferson-Scranton Community School Foundation, Greene County Medical Center, Friends of the Jefferson Public Library, and Scranton Public Library.  Each infant born at the GCMC will receive a packet containing informational literature, baby’s first library card, free board books, bookmarks and a coupon for a free board book.