Fines and Fees Chart


Jefferson Public Library
Fines and Fees



Books,Magazines, CD's, Games 20c day/adult: 10c day/children's
Art prints 50c/day
Cake pans, Cookie cutters $1.00/day & $1.00 if directions or bag are missing
DVD's and Videos $1.50/day & $1.00 if not rewound or missing from case when returned:  $1.00 for missing case (also CD's) (must return missing item by close of following day to avoid overdue fine)
Interlibrary loan books 50c/day and $3.00 if not picked up
Puppets 25c/day
Media Equipment $5.00/day
Replacement library card
    First time
    All other times

$1.00/adult; 50c/children's

$2.00/adult; $1.00/children's

Returned in bookdrop $1.00 for cakepans, puppets, games, puzzles, oversize books, & theme bags
Damaged item Determined by Director: minimum $1.00; maximum $5.00 (ex. crayon & pen marks, torn pages, stains, water damage, etc.)



Lost items or not returned Replacement cost of item + $2.00 processing fee
Art prints $3.00 for 2 months
Copies - photocopier, computer 20c black; $1.00 color; school student = 5 free b/w
Copies - microfilm 20c
FAX or scan $1.00 per page per FAX #  (includes sending, receiving, and toll-free numbers, overseas will be charged regular long distance charges)
Interlibrary loan books $3.00 each (picked up or not)
Laminate 50c
Library card, non Greene Co. $30.00/ year, cannot be pro-rated
Media equipment rental $5.00/night up to 2 nights (overhead & slide projectors, projection screen; no charge for wooden easels)
Notary Public $2.00/ document
Photo Prints $.50-$5.00 based on size of print + 7% Iowa sales tax
Photo Books $10.00 - $30.00 based on size + 7% Iowa sales tax
Photo CD $5.00 + 7% Iowa sales tax
Returned check $30.00


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