Facilities and Equipment Policy

JeffersonPublic Library








I.        Physical Location


            The Jefferson Public Library is located at 200 West Lincolnway in downtownJefferson.  A 1904 Carnegie building houses the children’s department and basement meeting room.  A 1967 addition houses the adult department.  The Library facility is 8100 square feet.


II.      Hours

                                                September – May                   June - August

Monday                       1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.             1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday                      11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.           11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.          

Wednesday                 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.             1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Thursday                     11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.           11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.          

Friday                         1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.             1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Saturday                      9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.             9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Sunday                        Closed                                     Closed


III.     Closings

            A.  The library may close early due to bad weather as determined by the director and the board president.

B.   If school is cancelled, storytime is cancelled.

C.  As a department of the City ofJefferson, the Library is closed on national holidays.


IV.     Handicapped Accessibility

          The Jefferson Public Library building is a barrier-free buildingA ramped sidewalk is

available at the south (front) entrance and a curbless sidewalk area is provided at the north



(back) entrance.  The library’s upper level or children’s department, the main floor entry level, and the basement meeting room level are all accessible with a wheelchair lift.   A handicap-accessible restroom is located on the ground floor.  Paper cups can be acquired at the checkout  desk to make the water fountain accessible.

            An active group of volunteers are available to deliver books and other materials locally to private homes, retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. 

            The library collection includes many audio books to serve sight-impaired patrons.  The staff is trained to help patrons find the materials they might need.  Application forms are available for free library service through the Iowa Department for the Blind.

            The cost of providing a sign language interpreter for library programs would be cost prohibitive for the library budget.



V.      Meeting Room


The Jefferson Public Library provides a meeting room in the library basement for civic, cultural, educational, and public information meetings by community and business groups free of charge.  The meeting room may not be used for programs of a purely social nature, such as birthday parties, showers, bingo games, etc.  Use of the meeting room for library programs and activities will take priority over the scheduling of meetings for outside organizations and groups.  The meeting room is not available to sell merchandise or services, solicit for later sales or placement of orders.  Exception:  Programs or sales conducted by the Friends of the Library, the City ofJefferson, or the library itself.

These regulations are in accordance with Article VI of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states that such facilities should be made available to the public served by the given library “on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use”. 

All meetings should be held during regular library hours.  Meetings which begin before the library opens or extend beyond regular library hours must receive the approval of the Director.

            All meetings held at the library must be free of charge.  No admission, collection or



donation may be taken.  Exception:  If groups offer materials in connection with study groups, conferences or similar events, they may accept donations to cover the cost of materials.  With approval, permission may be given for the meeting room to be used by professional organizations for seminars and programs or by area colleges for courses of an educational or cultural nature.  Any fees necessary to support these programs must be collected outside the library.

Reservations will be taken on a first come – first served basis.  An application form must be filled out and signed in advance by a responsible person (over age 18).  If library media equipment is needed, it must be reserved at the time the room is reserved.  Media equipment available includes a slide projector, overhead projector, media projector, laptop, speakers and screen.  Wireless Internet access is provided.  Tables, chairs, easels, and marker board are also available.  Attendance at meetings is limited to the room capacity of 40 persons.

            Limited kitchen facilities are available.  Only light refreshments may be served.  No smoking in the building, and no alcoholic beverages may be served.  Furniture should be returned to the arrangement in which it was found.  All decorations must be approved by the Director and should be removed after the meeting.  There must be adequate adult supervision during the meeting.  Groups must comply with fire regulations.  The use of candles or other flammable lighting devices is prohibited.  Exits may not be obstructed.

            The responsibility for proper care of the facilities lies with the organization using the rooms.  Broken or damaged materials must be replaced to the satisfaction of the library board of trustees.  A custodial fee of not less than $25.00 will be charged to all groups who do not return the meeting room to its original condition. 

Uses of the meeting room which would interfere with the library’s function as a quiet place for study are not allowed.  The library’s “Conduct Policy” also applies to the use of the meeting rooms.  Objectionable conduct, disturbance of other library patrons, and excessive noise is prohibited.  Individuals attending meetings are responsible for the supervision of their children.  The library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations.  The library board of trustees and the City of Jefferson or their employees or agents are not liable for any claims rising out of the use of this facility.



The library shall be notified if a cancellation becomes necessary.  Failure to cancel in advance of the meeting will cause forfeiture of any fees and may result in denial of future reservations.  As the library cannot be held responsible for group property, no items may be stored in the library prior to or following the meeting.

There is a telephone in the meeting room.  Messages for persons attending meetings will be retained at the circulation desk.  In case of an emergency call, library staff will hand deliver a message, or use the telephone in the meeting room.

            Use of the meeting room in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meeting.


VI.     Genealogy Room

            The Greene County Genealogical Society’s reference room in the library basement will be kept locked.  Only genealogy society members are allowed to use the reference library.  Non-members must be accompanied by a member.  Members must sign for the key at the circulation desk when they arrive and return it when they leave.  Members may not use the library meeting room when using the genealogy room.  The reference room is reserved for use by the genealogy society on Wednesdays from 1:00 – 4:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12 noon.  Members will have a volunteer in the reference room during these times.  If no volunteer is present, one can be reached to come and assist a non-member.  The genealogy society must agree to other library activities scheduled in the basement during their reserved time.  The genealogy society is responsible for the care and maintenance of their room and collection of materials.  The genealogy society may use the meeting room for their monthly meetings on the first Saturday of each month.  See agreement on file at the library.



VII.   Bulletin Board


            The electronic bulletin board in the library entryway serves as a community information center, notifying the public of local programs, events and activities that meet educational,



cultural, recreational, occupation and informational needs, and are sponsored by non-profit organizations. It is not to serve as a political or religious forum, a lost and found listing, a business or sales contact, a jobs directory or an exchange point for personal notes.

A.   Items to be posted must be approved by the library director.

  1.  Materials will be posted only as time and space permit.
  2.  Items brought to the library for display become the property of the library.
  3. The library staff has the prerogative to remove items from the display.


VIII.  Display Cases

            The library has two locked glass cases that may be used to display collectibles on loan from the public.  The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed in the cases.  All items placed in the library are done so at the owner’s risk.  Displays are scheduled and approved by the library director or assistant director.


IX.     Book Bags

All backpacks, briefcases, shopping bags and large tote bags must be left at the circulation desk upon arrival in both the children’s and the adult departments of the library.  The bag can then be picked up prior to leaving the building. Any bag not checked in upon arrival may be searched when the patron departs and could mean loss of library privileges.


X.       Lost Items

            The library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal items.




I.        Microfilm Reader/Printer

A.  Use of the microfilm reader will be limited to 1 hour time slots.  If no one is waiting

to use it, the patron may continue using it for 1 more hour, not to exceed two hours per day.

  1. Anyone under 6th grade must be accompanied by a parent.
  2. Reservations to use the microfilm reader may be made within one week.
  3. There is a charge for copies.  (see circulation policy)


II.      FAX Machine / Scanner

A.    Library staff will operate the scanner/fax machine. 
B.    There is a charge to receive or send a faxed or scanned document.  (see circulation policy)


III.     Disk Cleaner/Repairer


  1.  Library staff will operate the disk cleaner/repairer.
  2. There is a charge to clean or repair patron’s personal DVDs, CDs or gaming disks.  (see circulation policy).
  3. The Library is not responsible for damaged personal items.


IV.     Photo Kiosk

  1. Library staff is available to assist patrons with use of the kiosk.
  2. There is a charge to print photos and other photo options (see circulation policy).



V.      Gaming Systems


As a community hub, the Jefferson Public Library offers gaming to promote 21st century learning with new technologies.  Through gaming, the library seeks to meet the recreational and entertainment needs of its customers, promote social interaction, and offer




programming for all ages.  Gaming makes the library enticing to all ages which encourages use

of the library, develops a love of books and reading, and exposes the public to the variety of services available at the library.

The Jefferson Public Library welcomes anyone with a JPL library card to use the gaming systems.  Children must be at least 6 years old to use the gaming system in the children’s department and may only play games rated “E for Everyone”.  Use of the gaming

system is limited to when library staff is scheduled to supervise the gaming area.  Special times, events, and tournaments may be scheduled by the library.

Anyone using the gaming systems must read and agree to the Gaming Policy before using it. The rules in the policy are set up to ensure proper use of the equipment and allow fair

access to all patrons.  Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of gaming privileges at the library. Any damages that occur to the library's space and equipment and to the gaming systems and all associated components, software and accessories will be the responsibility of the patron or patrons using the area at the time the damage occurs.  A charge will be attached to the patron's library account to pay for any and all damages incurred.  A letter explaining the damage charges may be sent to the patron's home address. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

The Jefferson Public Library is not responsible for any injury caused by using the gaming systems.

Library staff are responsible for selecting gaming software for the gaming systems.  The software collection will be diverse to meet the interests and skills of all ages.  Games selected will be rated “E for Everyone” or “T for Teen”.  Suggestions for software to be added to the collection may be made; the final decision rests with the library director.  The same policy applies to donations of gaming software.

IV.     Other Equipment

  1. The Library provides the following equipment for public use in the library: 

photocopier, TV, DVD player, audio center, typewriter, and opaque projector.

  1. The Library provides the following equipment for public use in and outside the

library:  slide projector, overhead projector, and projection screen.  There is a charge to check out media equipment. (see circulation policy)

  1. The Library provides public access computers.  See Internet & Computer Use



Adopted:         February 13, 2012

Revised:          December 8, 2014, August 8, 2016, December 11, 2017, April 9, 2018








DATE OF MEETING:_______________________ TIME:  FROM:_________ TO:_________


ORGANIZATION NAME:  _____________________________________________________


PURPOSE OF FUNCTION OR ACTIVITY:     _____________________________________ 


HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL ATTEND:  _________________ 




________________________________________                PH # _______________________


SET UP: (circle)                     Chairs             Chairs & Tables


MEDIA EQUIPMENT NEEDED:    ______________________________________________


I have read the policy for public use of the meeting room and agree to comply with the provisions stated.








Approved by: 

Meeting room may also be reserved by contacting the Library at (515)386-2835 or by email at jeflib@netins.net



Gaming Rules & Procedures

1. The patron must have a library card in good standing with the Jefferson Public Library.

2. The gaming systems are limited to use during specified gaming hours only and in specified areas of the library.

3.  Game playing will be limited to one hour per patron per day.  If no one is waiting to use the gaming area, play may continue, but players must be willing to end play if someone else signs up to use the gaming systems and may not exceed 2 hours per day.  Players must end play immediately at the request of the library staff. 

4.  Reservations for time in the gaming area may be made at the desk no more than one week prior to the date.  Reservations will be held for 10 minutes past the appointed time before being given to someone else.

5.  Patrons must check out the gaming systems and accessories at the check-out desk.  No backpacks are allowed in the gaming area.  After the gaming period is up, the patron must check the items back in to a librarian before leaving the library.

6.  No more than 4 patrons will be allowed to play or watch at one time in the gaming area, unless there is a library-scheduled event or tournament.

7. Gamers using the Wii must wear the wrist leash. Gamers who fail to use the leash will lose their privileges for that day.

8.  Patrons must take their shoes off to use the balance board and dance mats.  Patrons must wear socks.

9.  Patrons using the gaming area are asked to respect others using the library and keep the volume and noise level low.  The library’s conduct policy applies to game users in any area of the library and during all library activities.

10.  Gamers may only use the gaming equipment and games available at the library. No games, memory cards or extra accessories from home may be used at the library.  

11.  Games and equipment may not be checked out or taken out of the library, unless it is for a library-sponsored program or an event approved by the library director.  The same policy and responsibilities for use and care applies to all individuals using the library’s gaming system at any location.

12.  Inventory of gaming accessories will be taken daily by the staff.

13.  Gamers are asked to treat the equipment gently. Those patrons that do not treat the equipment gently or are too loud and disruptive will be asked by the library staff to stop for the day.  Gamers who repeatedly abuse the equipment will have his/her gaming privileges revoked indefinitely, at the discretion of the library director.

14.  Gamers must quit play and check equipment back in to the staff 20 minutes before closing. The staff will give players a reminder of the closing time 20 minutes prior to closing time.

15.  A list of the games available to play on the gaming systems is available at the check-out desks in both the children’s and adult departments.

16.  This policy will be posted in the Gaming Area.  Patrons wishing to have a copy of the policy and rules may obtain one by asking at the check-out desk.



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