Iowa Authors List

Iowa Authors in the Jefferson Public Library

Aegerter, Roger   Jefferson
    Golf courses of Iowa: (a complete book of Iowa golf courses)   796.352 AEG

Aldrich, Bess Streeter   Cedar Falls
    A Lantern in Her Hand   CLA ALDRICH
    Journey into Christmas, and other stories   CLA ALDRICH
    Song of years   CLA ALDRICH
    Spring came on forever   CLA ALDRICH

Alex, Lynn   Iowa City
    Exploring Iowa’s Past: a Guide to Prehistoric Archaeology  977.7 ALE

Andre-Schmeal, Jacque   
    Patchwork: Iowa quilts and quilters     746.46 SCH

Andrews, Clarence A.   Waterloo
    Christmas in Iowa   977.78 AND
    A literary history of Iowa   977.78 AND
    Growing up in Iowa: reminiscences of 14 Iowa authors  977.71 GRO                         (Andrews is editor)
    Growing up in the Midwest   977.71 GRO (Andrews is editor)
    Oh Millersville!   977.78 HAL (afterword by Andrews)
    This is Iowa: a cavalcade of the Tall Corn State   977.78 AND

Artley, Bob   Hampton
    Memories of a former kid   977.7 ART
    A country school: Marion no. 7   977.7 ART
    Once upon a farm   630 ART
    Memories of a farm kitchen   977.7 MEM
    Ginny: a love remembered   BIOG ARTLEY
    Country things   631.309 ART
    A book of chores: as remembered by a former kid   977.7009 ART
    Tales out of school, by Verl Crow Shoemaker (Artley a contributing author)                371.1  SHO

Baart, Nicole  Sioux Center
    The Snow Angel  FIC BECK

Backes, M. Molly  Grinnell
    The Princesses of Iowa  YA

Bailey, Milissa R.     
    Gracier       INS BAILEY

Barnes, Suzi   Denison
    Memories from the house on Silk Stocking Row, Denison, Iowa   977.7 BAR

Beran, Janice A.  Ames
    From Six on Six to Full Court Press: a Century of Iowa Girls Basketball  796.323 BER

Black, Gladys   Pleasantville
    Birds of Iowa   598.2977 BLA
    Iowa Birdlife   598.2977 BLA

Bloom, Stephen G.  Iowa City
    Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America  977.7 BLO
    The Oxford Project  (main author is Peter Feldstein) 977.756 FEL

Bodensteiner, Carol  West Des Moines
    Growing up Country: memories of an Iowa farm girl  BIOG BODENSTEINER

Boelts, Maribeth  Cedar Falls
    Little Bunny’s Preschool Countdown J EASY BOELTS
    The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving J HOL BOELTS
    Sarah’s Grandma Goes to Heaven  J EASY BOELTS
    Dogerella  J ER BOELTS
    The PS Brothers  J FIC BOELTS

Bourret, Joan Liffring-Zug  Iowa City
    The Amanas: a photographic journey 1959-1999   977.7 BOU
    The Horizontal World: growing up wild in the middle of nowhere   BIOG MARQUART

Briggs, Carolyn S.  Marshalltown
    This Dark World: a memoir of salvation found and lost  BIOG BRIGGS

Bristol, Larsh K. (photographer)  Waukon
    Iowa, Simply Beautiful   977.7 BRI
    Iowa, Simply Beautiful II   977.7 BRI

Brown, Craig McFarland   Tama
    Tractor   J EASY

Bruner, John W.   Carroll
    Bonk: monsters & miracles   BIOG BRUNER
    Me & Snap: two tales of two young brothers living, loving, and laughing their way    through the 50s and 60s in the Heartland's small town of Carroll, Iowa.

Bryson, Bill    Des Moines
    The Lost Continent:  travels in small-town America (1989)    917.3049 BRY
    Neither Here nor There:  travels in Europe (1991)   914.04 BRY
    Notes from a Small Island (1995)  914.104 BRY
    A Walk in the Woods:  rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail (1998)           917.404 BRY
    I’m a Stranger Here Myself (1999)   973.92 BRY
    In a Sunburned Country     919.404 BRY
    Made in America: an informal history of the English language in the U.S. (1994)   420.973 BRY
    A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003)   500 BRY
    At Home:  a short history of private life (2010)   646.7 BRY
    The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid (2006)   BIOG BRYSON
    The Babe Didn’t Point & other stories about Iowans and sports   796.0973 BRY

Byrne, Robert  Dubuque
    Byrne’s Standard Book of Pool and Billiards  794.73 BYR

Calhoun, Mary   Keokuk
    A Shepherd’s Gift   J HOL CALHOUN

Coxe, Molly   Norwalk
    Louella and the Yellow Balloon   J EASY COXE
    Big Egg   J ER COXE
Cumberland, William H.  Storm Lake
    Wallace M. Short: Iowa Rebel  977.703 CUM

Dailey, Janet   Storm Lake
    A Tradition of Pride   LP DAILEY
    That Carolina Summer   LP DAILEY
    One of the Boys   LP DAILEY
    Green Calder Grass   ROM DAILEY
    For Bitter or Worse   LP DAILEY
    Shifting Calder wind   ROM DAILEY
    Calder Promise   LP DAILEY
    Lone Calder Star   LP DAILEY
    Calder Storm   ROM DAILEY
    Something More   ROM DAILEY

Dailey, Laura C.   Ames
    “Green hills…” an album of Iowa State [University] memories   977.75 DAI

Damsgaard, Shirley  Stuart
    Witch Way to Murder: an Ophelia and Abby Mystery  MYS DAMSGAARD
    The Trouble With Witches  MYS DAMSGAARD
    Charmed to Death   MYS DAMSGAARD
    Witch Hunt  MYS DAMSGAARD
    The Witch is Dead  MYS DAMSGAARD

Durden, Rick   Des Moines
     The thinking pilot’s flight manual: or, how to survive flying little airplanes and have  a ball doing it   629.13 DUR

Engle, Paul  Cedar Rapids
    A Lucky American Childhood   811 ENG
    Poems in Praise 811.52 ENG
    Prairie Christmas   394.2682 ENG

Erickson, Lori  Decorah
    Iowa: Off the Beaten Path (c.1990)   917.7704 ERI
    Iowa: Off the Beaten Path (c.2001)
    Sweet Corn and Sushi: The Story of Iowa and Yamanashi   J 327.17 ERI

Estes, Simon   Centerville
    Simon Estes: in his own voice, an autobiography   BIOG ESTES

Feller, Bob   Van Meter
     The Farm Tractor: 100 years of North American tractors, by Ralph W. Sanders           (contributing author) 629.225 SAN

Felton, Harold W.   Neola
     A Horse Named Justin Morgan   J FIC FELTON
     New Tall Tales of Pecos Bill   J 398.2 FEL

Ferber, Edna   Ottumwa
    Cimarron   CLA FERBER
    Giant   CLA FERBER
    Show Boat   CLA FERBER
    So Big   CLA FERBER
    Great Son   CLA FERBER

Fink, Deborah  Perry
    Open Country, Iowa: rural women, tradition, and change  305.4097 FIN

Friedricks, William B.  Indianola
     Covering Iowa: the history of the Des Moines Register and Tribune Company,          1849-1985  071 FRI
    Investing in Iowa: the Life and Times of F.M. Hubbell  977.7 FRI

Gammell, Stephen   Des Moines
    Wake-up, Bear-It’s Christmas!   J HOL GAMMELL
    Is that you, Winter?  J EASY GAMMELL
    How about Going for a Ride?   J EASY GAMMELL
    I Know an Old Teacher   J EASY BOWEN (illustrator)
    More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark   J 398.25 SCH (illustrator)
Garland, Hamlin   Osage
    Companions on the Trail: a literary chronicle   BIOG GARLAND
    Back-trailers from the Middle Border   BIOG GARLAND
    Main-Travelled Roads:  six Mississippi valley stories   CLA GARLAND
    A Son of the Middle Border   CLA GARLAND
    Christmas in Iowa, by Clarence A. Andrews (Garland a contributing author)
    Prairie Gold   977.78 PRA

Garlock, Dorothy  Clear Lake
    Wishmakers  ROM GARLOCK
    Promisegivers  ROM GARLOCK
    Leaving Whiskey Bend  ROM GARLOCK
    A Week from Sunday  CD FIC GARLOCK
    The Moon Looked Down  ROM GARLOCK
    Stay a Little Longer  ROM GARLOCK
    Keep a Little Secret  CD FIC GARLOCK
    Come a Little Closer  ROM GARLOCK
    Come a Little Closer  CD FIC GARLOCK
    By Starlight  ROM GARLOCK
    River Rising  LP GARLOCK
    On Tall Pine Lake  ROM GARLOCK
    Loveseekers  ROM GARLOCK
    A Week From Sunday  ROM GARLOCK
    Annie Lash  ROM GARLOCK
    After the Parade  ROM GARLOCK
    More Than Memory  ROM GARLOCK
    A Place Called Rainwater  ROM GARLOCK
    Hope’s Highway  ROM GARLOCK
    Sins of Summer  LP GARLOCK
    Almost Eden  LP GARLOCK
    Larkspur  LP GARLOCK
    With Hope  ROM GARLOCK
    With Song  ROM GARLOCK
    With Heart  ROM GARLOCK
    The Edge of Town  ROM GARLOCK
    The Edge of Town  LP GARLOCK
    High on a Hill  ROM GARLOCK
    Mother Road  ROM GARLOCK
    A Place Called Rainwater  LP GARLOCK
    Song of the Road  ROM GARLOCK
    Song of the Road   LP GARLOCK
    River Rising  ROM GARLOCK
    Train from Marietta  LP GARLOCK

Garrett, Ruth Irene   Kalona
    Crossing Over: one woman’s exodus from Amish life   BIOG GARRETT
    Born Amish   BIOG GARRETT

Gensicke, Mary Ann   Cedar Rapids
    I is for Iowa   J 977.7 GEN

Gerard, Cindy  Marengo
    Into the Dark  ROM GERARD
    Take No Prisoners  ROM GERARD
    Feel the Heat  ROM GERARD
    Risk No Secrets  ROM GERARD
    With No Remorse  ROM GERARD
    Last Man Standing  ROM GERARD
    To the Brink  ROM GERARD
    Over the Line  FIC GERARD
    Under the Wire  ROM GERARD
    To the Limit  ROM GERARD
    Show No Mercy  ROM GERARD
    Whisper No Lies  ROM GERARD
    To the Edge  ROM GERARD

Gorman, Carol   Iowa City
    America’s Farm Crisis   338.1097 GOR
    Stumptown kid   J FIC GORMAN

Graves, Tracey Garvis     Clive
    On the Island     FIC GRAVES

Grey, Mark A.  Cedar Falls
    Postville, U.S.A.: surviving diversity in small-town America  977.7 GRE

Gudenkauf, Heather  Dubuque
    The Weight of Silence  FIC GUDENKAUF
    These Things Hidden  FIC GUDENKAUF
    One Breath Away   FIC GUDENKAUF

Hadley, Irwin  (pen name of Lee Hadley & Annabelle Irwin) both of Ames
    We are Mesquakie, we are one   J FIC IRWIN
Hamilton, Carl   Ames
    In No Time at All   977.74 HAM
    Pure Nostalgia: memories of early Iowa   977.74 HAM

Harstad, Donald  Elkader
    Eleven Days: a novel of the Heartland  FIC HARSTAD
    Known Dead: a novel  FIC HARSTAD
    The Big Thaw  FIC HARSTAD
    Code Sixty-One: a novel  FIC HARSTAD
    A Long December  FIC HARSTAD

Hearst, James  Cedar Falls
    My Shadow Below Me   977.71 HEA

Heath, G. Lewis   Clinton
     Meskwaki Burial Mounds: and other stories from Quinlan, Iowa, the Eternal Town    where the Corn Goddess Rules    FIC HEATH

Hedges, Peter   West Des Moines
    What’s eating Gilbert Grape?   FIC HEDGES
    An ocean in Iowa   FIC HEDGES

Hoel, Unni L.   Jefferson
    Overtones   FIC HOEL
    Absolute Pitch: a novel   FIC HOEL

Howard, Beth M.  Eldon
    Making Piece: a memoir of love, loss, and pie  664.752 HOW

Jack, Zachary Michael  Mechanicsville
    What Cheer: a love story  FIC JACK
     Iowa, the definitive collection: classic & contemporary readings by Iowans, about    Iowa   977.7 IOW
    Letters to a Young Iowan   977.7 LET

Jackson, Jeremy  Iowa City
    Good Day for a Picnic:   simple food that travel well  641.5 JAC

Janni, Rebecca  Ankeny
    Every Cowgirl Needs a Horse  J EASY JANNI
    Jammy Dance  J EASY JANNI
Jones, Steven L.  Johnston
    Football’s Fallen Hero: the Jack Trice Story   J BIOG TRICE

Juhl, Paul  Iowa City
    Iowa Stereographs: three-dimensional visions of the past  977.7 BEN

Kalish, Mildred Armstrong   Garrison
     Little Heathens: hard times and high spirits on an Iowa Farm during the Great Depression BIOG KALISH and LP BIOG KALISH (large print)

Kennedy, Fran   Sioux City
    The Pickle Patch Bathtub   J EASY KENNEDY

Kent, Jack   Burlington
     The Caterpillar and the Polliwog   J EASY KENT
     Joey   J EASY KENT
     There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon   J EASY KENT

Kerr, Robert  Ankeny
    Completely Restored  FIC KERR

Kooser, Ted (poet laureate of the US 2004-2006)   Ames
    Sure Signs     811.54 KOO
    Weather Central    811.54 KOO
    Delights and Shadows: poems   811.54 KOO
    Good Poems: American places   811.008 GOO

Kruse, Brenda  Paullina
    John Deere Collectibles  629.225 KRU

Kuehl, Dar   Jefferson
    Open Road:  essays about cars and life    629.222 KUE

Kupfer, Fern  Ames
     Before and After Zachariah: a family story about a different kind of courage   BIOG KUPFER

Landers, Ann   Sioux City
    Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: advice, wisdom, and uncommon good sense   070.4 LAN

Lawson, Lois        Jefferson
    Winchester the woolly worm with an inquiring mind     J EASY LAWSON
    Winchester’s Wonderful Summer     J EASY LAWSON
    I Love Birds!    J EASY LAWSON

Lucas, Dr. James
    Birth in a Chicken House    636.089 LUC

Lund, JoAnna M.   DeWitt
      When life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie: seven healing recipes for living (and thriving) with       cancer   362.196 LUN
    Cooking healthy with the kids in mind   641.563 LUN
    Healthy Exchanges cookbook: it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life   641.5 LUN
    String of Pearls: recipes for living well in the real world   613.2 LUN
    Another Potful of Recipes: a healthy exchanges cookbook   641.5 LUN

Maas, Curt (co-photographer with Larsh Bristol)  Johnston
    Iowa: Simply Beautiful   977.7 BRI
    Iowa: Simply Beautiful II

Marner, Kay   Ames
    Dog Tales, the Adventures of Smyles   J THEME BAG DOG TALES

Martin, Jacqueline Briggs   Mount Vernon
    Bizzy Bones and the Lost Quilt   J EASY MARTIN
    Snowflake Bentley   J EASY MARTIN
McCaffrey, James   Decorah
    Midwest Corn Fusion: a collection of recipes & humor  641.5 MCC

McDonald, Julie   Davenport
    Petra…”on this rock I will build…”   FIC MCDONALD
    Ruth Buxton Sayre: first lady of the farm   BIOG SAYRE
    The Sailing Out   FIC MCDONALD

McKibbin, Carroll R.  Ames
    Apron Strings   977.7 MCK
    Lillian’s Legacy: marriage and murder in rural Iowa   364.1523 MCK

McTaggart, Jacquie  Independence
    From the Teacher’s Desk    J PRO 371.1 MCT
Michaels, Leigh   Ottumwa
     A Convenient Affair   LP MICHAELS
    His Trophy Wife   LP MICHAELS
    Backwards Honeymoon   LP MICHAELS
    Maybe Married   LP MICHAELS
    Assignment – Twins   LP MICHAELS
    Bride by Design   LP MICHAELS

Millard, Joe  Farlin & Waukee
    The Quiet Journey: memoirs 1936-2000   BIOG MILLARD
    Where did all the cowboys go?   BIOG MILLARD
    Seeing through gray colored lens – poems   811.54 MIL

Millhiser, Marlys   Charles City
    It’s Murder Going Home   MYS MILLHISER
    Killer Commute   MYS MILLHISER
    The Rampant Reaper   MYS MILLHISER

Mills, George   Des Moines
    Rogues and Heroes from Iowa’s Amazing Past   977.71 MIL
    Looking in Windows: surprising stories of old Des Moines   977.758 MIL
    A judge and a rope and other stories of bygone Iowa   977.7 MIL
    No one is above the law: the story of southern Iowa’s federal court   347.777 MIL
    One-Armed Bandits: and other stories of Iowa’s past and present   977.7 MIL

Morain, Frederick G. (Rick)   Jefferson
    Herbert Quick, Iowa Agrarian   630.92 MOR

Morain, Thomas J.   Jefferson & Lamoni
    Prairie grass roots: an Iowa small town in the early twentieth century   977.7 MOR
    Iowa Past to Present   977.7 IOW (co-author)
    Family reunion: essays on Iowa   977.7 FAM
    Images of the Past: Greene County, Iowa, the Home of the Horn of Plenty (compiler)
 Moranville, Sharelle Byars  West Des Moines
    Over the River   J FIC MORANVILLE
    The Snows   FIC MORANVILLE

Mutel, Cornelia Fleischer  Iowa City
    Fragile Giants: a natural history of the Loess Hills   508.777 MUT

Myron, Vicki   Spencer
    Dewey the Library Cat: a true story   J 636.8 MYR
    Dewey: a small-town library cat who touched the world   636.809 MYR
    Dewey’s nine lives: the legacy of the small-town library cat who inspired millions 
 636.8 MYR
    Dewey’s Christmas at the Library   J HOL MYRON

Naylor, George   Churdan
    Food Movements Unite! strategies to transform our food systems   338.19 FOO
    Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan (Naylor a contributing author)
    Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan (Naylor a contributing author)   394.122 POL

Ode, Carson  Des Moines
    Iowa Spaces, Places, Faces: an entertaining ride through all 99 counties   917.77  ODE
    Celebrate Iowa: an entertaining tour of 103 festivals and events  977.77  ODE

Offenburger, Chuck   Shenandoah & Cooper
    Bernie Saggau and the Iowa Boys: the centennial history of the Iowa Athletic Association   796.77 OFF
    Iowa Boy: ten years of columns   977.7 OFF
    Babe: an Iowa Legend   BIOG BISIGNANO
    Ah! You Iowans: at home, at work, at play, at war   977.7 OFF
    Wayne Cooley and the Iowa Girl: a celebration of the best high school girls’ sports program  706.082 OFF

Olhausen, Rosemarie   Jefferson
    My Life with Roger   BIOG OLHAUSEN

Olson, K.C.   Lake City
    Construction Countdown   J 629.225 OLS

Oppedal, Alan J.   Ruthven
    The Inevitable Triumph: the story of an Iowa community   977.77 OPP
Pearson, John (co-authored by Ruth Herzberg)  Des Moines
    The Guide to Iowa’s State Preserves   917.7704 HER

Porterfield, Waldon   Jefferson
    The Hot Country   FIC PORTERFIELD
    A Handfield of Rainbow   FIC PORTERFIELD
    The Magic Thief   J FIC PRINEAS

Ray, Delia  Iowa City
    A Nation Torn: the story of how the Civil War began   J 973.711 RAY

Roberts, Hollie writing as Hollie Harbaugh    Jefferson
    When My Grandma Died     J 155.937 HAR

Rudi, Norman   Ames
    A Neighborhood of Eagles   BIOG RUDI
    An Iowa Pilot Named ‘Hap’, Hartley A. “Hap” Westbrook: a biography of a decorated bomber during WWII, prisoner of war, member of the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame and an airport operator for over 50 years   BIOG RUDI
    A Full Measure   940.54 RUD

Runkel, Sylvan T.   Des Moines
    Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie: the upper Midwest   582.1309 RUN
    Wildflowers and other plants of Iowa wetlands   581.7 RUN
Sayre, Robert F.  Iowa City
    Take the Next Exit: new views of the Iowa landscape   917.7704 TAK
    Take This Exit: rediscovering the Iowa landscape   977.7 TAK

Schense, Deb M.  Waverly
    Eastern Iowa’s Historic Barns and other farm structures: including the Amana   Colonies  728.922 SCH

Schulenberg, Lawrence J.  Council Bluffs
    To Catch the Snowflakes   BIOG SCHULENBERG
    Willie McGuire and the Land of the People   J FIC SCHULENBERG

Seilstad, Lorna  Council Bluffs
    A Great Catch     INS SEILSTAD
    The Ride of Her Life      INS SEILSTAD
    Making Waves     INS SEILSTAD

Setzler, Marilyn Schirck  Carroll
    Cathedrals Among the Cornfields   977.746 SET

Shanley, Mary Kay  West Des Moines
    Our State Fair: Iowa’s blue ribbon story   630 SHA

Sherman, William L., APR  Des Moines
    Iowa’s Country Schools: landmarks of learning   977.77 IOW
    Tributes to Iowa Teachers   371.1 TRI

Sims, Anthony & Raymond   Dana
    Anthony (author) Raymond (illustrator)
    Nearthlings: a whole new world on the same old planet
    Monsters don’t dance, do they?

Smiley, Jane   Ames
    Thirteen ways of looking at the novel   813.54 SMI
    A Year at the Races: reflections on horses, humans, love, money and luck         798.4 SMI
    The Man Who Invented the Computer: the biography of John Atanasoff, digital  pioneer   BIOG ATANASOFF
    Ten Days in the Hills   FIC SMILEY
    Private Life     FIC SMILEY
    Barn Blind      FIC SMILEY
    A Thousand Acres   FIC SMILEY
    At Paradise Gate    FIC SMILEY
    Moo   FIC SMILEY   

Stegner, Wallace Earle   Lake Mills
    Marking the Sparrow’s Fall: Wallace Stegner’s American west   978 STE
    The Gathering of Zion: the story of the Mormon trail   978 STE

Stein, Jeff   Waverly
    One Week in June: the Iowa floods of 2008   977.703 IOW
Stone, Larry  Elkader
    Whitetail: treasure, trophy, or trouble?   599.665 STO
    Sylvan T. Runkel: citizen of the natural world   BIOG RUNKEL   
    Gladys Black: the legacy of Iowa’s bird lady   977.7 STO
    Listen to the Land: selections from 25 years of naturalist writing in the Des Moines Register   508.777 STO

Stong, Phil   Keosauqua
    State Fair   CLA STONG

Stuart, Kimberly  Des Moines
    Act Two: a novel in perfect pitch   INS STUART
    Stretch Marks     INS STUART
    Operation Bonnet    INS STUART

Suckow, Ruth   Hawarden
    New Hope   CLA SUCKOW

Swander, Mary  Ames and Kalona
    The Desert Pilgrim: en route to mysticism and miracles   BIOG SWANDER
    Driving the Body Back: poems   811 SWA
    Out of This World: a woman’s life amongst the Amish   811 SWA
    Living with Topsoil: tending spirits, cherishing land   635.097 LIV

Tate, Eleanora   Des Moines
    The Minstrel’s Melody   M MYS TATE

Taylor, Charles D.   Montezuma
     The Iowans of the Mighty Eighth   977.77 IOW

Taylor, Henry Charles   Tarpleywick, Van Buren Co.
    Tarpleywick: a century of Iowa farming   977.77 TAY

Toth, Susan Allen   Ames
    Blooming: a small-town girlhood   BIOG TOTH
    Ivy Days: making my way out East   BIOG TOTH
    My Love Affair with England    914.204 TOT
    England for All Seasons   914.204 TOT

Trusler, Julie   Newton
    JT’s – volume 1   641.5 TRU

Tubbs, Beth   Des Moines
    Hooray! Hooray! Imagination day!   J BB TUBBS

Waldstein, Arne  Waverly
    Water Runs Downhill: a journey through a time gone by   BIOG WALDSTEIN

Waller, Robert James   Rockford
    High Plains Tango     FIC WALLER
    The Long Night of Winchell Dear   FIC WALLER
    The Bridges of Madison County   FIC WALLER
    A Thousand Country Roads: an epilogue to the bridges of Madison County    FIC WALLER
    Slow waltz in Cedar Bend   FIC WALLER
    Border Music   FIC WALLER
    The Bridges of Madison County: the film, by Ken Regan   791.43 REG

Warner, Kurt   Cedar Falls
    First Things First: (the rules of being a Warner)   BIOG WARNER
    All Things Possible: my story of faith, football, and the miracle season    BIOG WARNER

White, Sally   Churdan
    Sally’s Backyard Birds   598.097 WHI

Whye, Mike  Council Bluffs
    Great Iowa Weekend Adventures   917.77 WHY
    The Great Iowa Touring Book: 27 spectacular auto tours   917.77 WHY

Williamson, David   Jefferson
    Midwest Sheik   811.54 WIL
    Sculpture dedication: Jefferson Public Library   AUDIO LOCAL SCU

Willson, Meredith   Mason City
    “But he doesn’t know the territory”   818.52 WIL
    Meredith Willson, the music and the man   782.42 WIL
    The Music Man   812 WIL
    And There I Stood with My Piccolo: reminiscences   BIOG WILLSON
    The Unsinkable Molly Brown   812 WIL
    Eggs I Have Laid  BIOG WILLSON
    Iowans of Impact   REF 977.71 CHA

Wood,  GiGi   Des Moines
    Iowa: Life/Changing    977.7 WOO

Young Bear, Ray A.  born Tama, residence Marshalltown
    Black Eagle Child: the Facepaint narratives   J 813.54 YOU

Zaslow, Jeffrey (not from Iowa, but book is about Iowa)
    The Girls from Ames: a story of women and a forty-year friendship   305.409 ZAS


Other Books with Iowa as the Subject, Setting, or Storyline

Davy, Nelle
    The Legacy of Eden

    The Midnight Adventure of Kate Shelley, Train Rescuer by Emma Carlson Berne            J 741.5 BER
    Kate Shelley: bound for legend by Robert D. San Souci   J BIOG SHELLEY
    Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express by Margaret Wetterer   J BIOG SHELLEY

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