Circulation Policy

Jefferson Public Library
Jefferson, IA


I.  Registering for a Library Card

    A.  Residents of the State of Iowa can obtain a library card at the Jefferson Public Library. The person must present a current Iowa photo ID or utility bill to verify current address, and a current telephone number to receive a card. Persons residing outside of the State of Iowa, but owning property in Greene County may also be issued a card when a current photo ID is presented.  Cards are issued for a period of three years and must be renewed at the end of that time.
For the first month, the patron will be issued a library card with a “temporary” status and will be allowed
only two (2) items to be checked out at a time. The library director is given discretion to issue a
library card under special circumstances.

    B. School students are not required to show Iowa identification.  Once the child reaches
seventh grade or age thirteen, he or she is eligible for a card from the adult department and will be
responsible for carrying their own card.  Children must be three years of age to get a library card. A
consent form must be signed by the parent or guardian. Children’s library cards may be kept on file
in the children’s department.

    C. A library card should be shown each time a person wants to check materials out. If the
card is lost, there is a charge to replace it. Borrowers must pay all outstanding fines or fees owed
before the library will renew their library card or replace a lost card.

    D.  The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause such as destruction
of library property, failure to return materials or pay fines, disturbance of other patrons, or any other
objectionable conduct on the library premises. (See library conduct policy.)

    E. The cost of an out-of-state borrower’s card is $30.00 per year and cannot be pro-rated.

II.  Loan Periods, Renewals and Loan Limits

    A. Items in the library collection may be checked out for varying lengths of time. Some
items may be renewed and some items have a limit to the number of that type of item that may be
checked out at any one time.  See chart for loan periods, renewals and loan limits.

III.  Fines and Overdue Items

    A.  All items not returned by the date they are due are subject to an overdue fine.  See fines and fees chart.

    B.  A fine of $1.00 or more must be paid in full before other items may be checked out.

    C.  No fines are charged on days the library is closed.
    D. No fine will exceed the replacement cost of the item.

    E.  Patrons that have items that are past due one week are sent an overdue notice. If the item
is not returned by the next week, another notice is sent. After two notices, a telephone call is made
to encourage the return of the items. At this time, the patron will be unable to check out additional
items until his or her account is brought back into good standing by the return of the items and/or the
payment of any overdue fines or replacement costs. After two months time has elapsed, a letter is
sent stating the law which concludes evidence of theft. At this time, the patron will be billed for the
cost of replacing the item(s). If no reply is made, appropriate legal action is taken to compel the
return of the items or the collection of replacement cost(s).

    F.  A letter will be mailed to anyone having a fine of $10.00 or more as a reminder of the
balance due on their library account.

IV.  Fees

    Fees are charged for various services offered at the library.  See fines and fees chart.

V. Reserves

    Some items may be reserved if the item is checked out.  See chart.Reserved items will be
held for three days.  If a person cannot be reached for two days to be notified that a book is
available, that person’s name will be dropped to the end of the reserve list.

VI.  Interlibrary Loans

    If a registered borrower requests a book or other materials that is not in our library, we can
search available databases and request to borrow it for them from another library.  A fee is charged
to help with postage costs, even if the item is not picked up.  A fine will be charged if the item is
returned late.

VII.  Confidentiality of Library Records

    The records of this library which pertain to information about its borrowers and their use of
library materials shall remain confidential, as stated in the guidelines adopted by the American
Library Association and the Code of Iowa.

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